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XML formatter Online is a free tool developed to help developers format and beautify their XML data. Developers can edit/restructure XML and discard all undesirable spaces and elements from XML. Copy, Paste and format your XML code with our Online XML Formatter.

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XML Beautifier Online

Key Features

Fixes Indentations

This XML formatter helps add or remove white spaces which can beautify XML data in your file. This tool provides functionality to select indentation that can be selected using the dropbox provided which can add more / fewer spaces in your XML data.

Upload XML File and URL / API

This tool doesn’t restrict developers from copy-pasting or manually writing down the XML data for formatting. Along with these options, a developer can also upload an XML file stored on your device by clicking the upload button. Developers can use upload URL functionality by entering URL to fetch the XML data from another server.

Quickly Beautify XML File

XML Beautifier is the quickest tool to Beautify your XML data as it parses and formats the XML data on the client-side in the browser using the javascript libraries.

Validates the XML data

Along with formatting, this XML formatter also allows its users to check the validity of their XML files. If any mistake exists in the XML file uploaded by the user, the tool will catch and show it on the screen. Users can correct the XML data and can begin formatting the XML data.

Secured Formatting

The most prominent feature of this XML formatter online tool is the secured formatting of the developer's XML data. This tool does not send any data to the server for formatting. XML Formatter uses JavaScript libraries to process the data in the browser on your devices.

Our highest priority is to deliver a protected platform for everyone.

Present XML in Numerous Ways

There is three viewing option supported in this XML formatter tool.

  1. XML Beautify - Easy to read XML data.
  2. XML Tree view - Easy to traverse XML data, Collapse and Expand XML nodes.
  3. XML Minify - Easy to remove all space in XML data.

No External Software Needed

There’s no need to install cutting-edge software on your machine and put a load on its storage as this is an online tool that is accessed online. This complete XML data format tool helps developers beautify their XML data for free.

Download XML Code

The most prominent feature of this XML formatter online tool is the secured formatting of the users’ XML codes. The XML entered by the user on this tool isn’t saved in its databases. We dont not send your code to server for formatting. Our utmost priority is to provide a secure platform for everyone.

Works on all latest Browsers and Devices

Online XML Formatter is a web-based development tool that can open through any latest browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc. this tool works smoothly on Windows, Linux, Mac / OSX, Android, or IOS. Only an internet connection is required.

No Registration is Required

This tool does not require any registration or ask for it. It's free and easy to use. No need to sign-up just open the XML formatter and start using it.